virtual fitness training

Butterfly Training’s virtual fitness sessions are designed to provide a similar experience as in-person or onsite workouts, with dedicated one hour of individualized guidance.  Our trainers will demonstrate key exercises right before your eyes so that you can see proper form and technique throughout the remote session from anywhere around world! These meetings are available through FaceTime, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp.

benefits of virtual fitness training

By taking the first step in your journey toward a healthier life, you have just enrolled yourself into our virtual training program. We will use information from your assessment to create an individualized fitness plan made especially for what works best with you and your body.  This means that we can agree on how often/when these sessions should be held so as not only see results but also maintain them long-term.

Heading to the gym can be tough, especially if you have a hectic work schedule or are dealing with traffic. But online classes make it easy for people like us who want an active lifestyle but don’t always know how they’ll get there due their own busy lives!

The guidance of our personal trainers help your workout go better and provides helpful tips for completing different exercises in the right amount time with perfect form – all without leaving home!

Working out with a large group of people can be intimidating, but virtual workouts are an excellent way for new exercisers to get experience and work up their courage. Working at one’s own pace allows you find your confidence before engaging in-person classes again if that is something which has intimidated them previously.

Instead of navigating an independent workout on your own, Butterfly Training’s  qualified instructors are available to teaching the classes.  Our trainers offer detailed instructions and exercises so that you get the most valuable workout.

Need A virtual training session?

Get ready for an intense workout with over 50+ comprehensive virtual exercises.