Meal Preparation

Don’t know how to prepare a healthy meal plan? Or you just don’t know where to start to be able to create your own meal plan? Leave it to us!

We will guide you in preparing meals that are suitable for your fitness goals. Some people would say that we can get a sculpted physique if we hit the gym regularly. Well, it’s true, but that’s just half of the story.  You need to consider your nutrition your meals everyday. Nutrition from food and working out coexist and that’s how you build your dream body.

Health is Wealth

Knowing your daily calorie intake is the first step in formulating your meal plan. Having the idea of eating beyond or lower than your daily calorie intake will make it easy for you to reach your fitness goal faster and manipulate your weights from time to time. It’s a great knowledge to attain if you’re into dedicating yourself to a change physically.

Meal Prep In Minutes!

There are always hectic days, but Butterfly Training has your back with our delicious and healthy meals. We are here to save you from having a rushed cooking routine or spending money on unhealthy food! In just minutes of preparation time, these nutritious dishes will keep our taste buds satisfied without sacrificing convenience.

Need Meal Preps?

We’ve got some perfect meal plans for you!

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4-week Session
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