fitness training

It is very important to not just focus on one exercise. There’s a broad range of exercises, each of which improves the different aspects of your fitness level. If you’re a gym rat focusing only on lifting heavy, you will only improve your strength but not your endurance (aerobic). If you’re a marathon runner, your strength level will not be as good as those who lift in the gym. 

The point is, we need to balance and improve these aspects for us to be in the best shape. Butterfly Training provides you with fitness training programs that boost your strength, endurance, flexibility, and even balance.

strength training

Also called weight training, this is designed to help you build muscle mass. You can reap the benefit of reducing chronic diseases too. All people of different ages are welcome.

endurance training

This training enhances your stamina and cardio health. A few examples are swimming, cycling, and dancing. Here at Butterfly Training, we provide clients with formulated programs that are best for their overall cardio health.


Flexibility is the ability of your muscles to stretch and thus improve your movements and prevent future pain and injuries. Yoga and stretching before working out are some examples. Being able to reach your toes when bending is a good sign of being flexible.
fitness training


Improving your balance is important especially when you’re getting older. It helps you prevent falling easily when your knees are weak. Practicing balance at an early age is crucial for continuous development alongside strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Team Training

By working with a fitness team, you can get access to groups that are tailored to your needs.  The benefits of joining an active group include the support from other participants and trainers who will help keep each person on track towards their goals; this kind of environment encourages accountability in private sessions as well.