fitness boot camps

Boot camps consist of a fast-paced set of exercises performed one after another. It’s a combination of both strength exercise and cardiovascular training, intensive training with a variety of exercises performed one after another in a duration of time.

Boot camp awareness

You may heard this over and over again. Boot camps are becoming more and more popular these day. Those who seek a different alternative to the typical monotony of the gym should have their eyes on this. 

This intense service is professionally designed to suit every client, with highly dedicated fitness instructors that will lead and empower you throughout the training. Our boot camp provides a solution for you. Our program is designed to run both strength and cardiovascular exercises in one go! You won’t feel bored just doing one routine all the time.

Why join our fitness boot camp

There are number of benefits you can gain from our fitness boot camp since it works out your entire body muscles and cardiovascular health.

Efficient & Flexible

Boot camp is a 2-in-1 package! Nothing is more efficient than this program. You’ll get the best of both body strength and cardio workouts in a shorter amount of time compared to other routines. You can perform this anywhere in your house with minimal equipment. Just find a good and comfortable space where you can move freely.

Professional guidance

Achieving your dream body is our mission and we’ll be with you all the way. Our boot camp program is well-structured so it would fit well into your lifestyle. Our goal is to get you in your best shape. With us, you don’t have to worry a thing about what to do.  Butterfly Training has your back!

improved cardiovascular health

What first comes to mind when we say cardio exercise would be running. But we have to admit that some people are too lazy to go out for a run, not to mention that we are too occupied with our busy working days. Our boot camp takes you on a different exciting route to achieving optimal cardiovascular health. This in turn will help lower blood pressure, improve sleep, regulate blood sugar, and attain a balanced body weight.