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Fitness Training

Evaluation & Consultation, Health + History Screening, Body Measurements, Body Composition, Movement Evaluation, Strength/Power Evaluation, Results & Consultation Evaluation

athletic Training

Football, Softball, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Track.

Nutritional Guidance

Healthy Foods and Meal Prepping Services

Our committment

Butterfly Training will teach you how to become the best fitness icon, with a training course that starts by draining and driving all of your energy. It takes hard work but it’s worth every ounce in return for those who make themselves great at what they do!


Our fitness boot camps are a great way for those who have been exercising regularly and want more from their workouts. You'll get an intense, personalized program that helps you reach your fitness goals in no time!


Group fitness is an excellent way to keep your mind and body healthy. To maximize the benefits, try joining a class that offers different types of exercises tailored for you!

Virtual Fitness Sessions

You can schedule virtual fitness sessions with our coaches to help you reach your goals. Our system is the most advanced and flexible, so that everyone has access even if they're on vacation or traveling for business!

Full Service Fitness facility

Come and experience our high-quality, personalized fitness training. We have a wide variety of classes for all abilities so no matter what your goal is we can help you achieve it!

popular and Affordable membership plans that's perfect for you!

Breakout Your Cocoon Athlete Class
Speed, agility, strength, conditioning, explosiveness and mindset coaching to build stronger, faster, quicker and wiser athletes.
best value
3 Sessions A Week
Athlete Package
Speed, agility, strength, conditioning, explosiveness and mindset coaching to build stronger, faster, quicker and wiser athletes.

The perfect
nutritional guidANCE

The Butterfly Training Nutritional Meal Planner is your one-stop shop for making healthy eating easy and enjoyable! You’ll get professional guidance, tons of delicious recipes with nutritional value in them and not just food.  As well as plans that will make it super simple to follow through on all those great ideas you have about what kind of foods would taste good together or how much protein/fat should be present at each meal.

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